Silver Economy Expo 2024

Silver Economy Expo Paris 2024
From November 26, 2024 until November 27, 2024
Парыж - Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Іль-дэ-Франс, Францыя
(Калі ласка, яшчэ раз праверце даты і месца на афіцыйным сайце ніжэй, перш чым наведваць.)

Выстава срэбнай эканомікі - Парыж

EXHIBIT NOVEMBER 26, AND 27, 2024. SEE NOVEMBER 26 AND 27, 2024 - Paris Porte de Versailles. Silver Economy Expo IS PLACED UNDER THE SPONSORSHIP OF 3 MINISTERS. They were at the 2023 Show. Prof. Bertrand Fougere. Christine Le Nabour. Why visit the silver economy expo? Experts mobilized to help you. BENEFIT FROM RECENT ANALYSES. Meetings and signings.

The event is a professional showcase of services and innovations for senior citizens.You are invited to the 26th and 27th of November 2024 Paris Porte de Versailles @SilverXpo - #SilverExpoRegister Now.

Attend the annual meeting for those who are interested in healthy aging.

Prepare society to age well and live a long life.

Your nursing home, serviced residences for seniors, independent residences, residents, or customers are beneficiaries of your service. You wish to put yourself at their service. Come and discover solutions to develop, enhance, and enrich your offer. Understand all issues related to the longevity economy. Identify gem ideas.

Member of Parliament for Yvelines – Member of the Social Affairs Committee.

Member of Parliament for Cotes d'Armor – Member of the Social Affairs Committee.

Herault Member of Parliament, PPL Bien Aging Reporter.

Міністр-дэлегат па справах малога і сярэдняга бізнесу, гандлю, рамёстваў і турызму.

Minister Delegate for Disabled People.

Indre and Loire Member of Parliament - Member Finance, General Economy and Budgetary Control Committee at the National Assembly.

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Парыж - Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Іль-дэ-Франс, Францыя Парыж - Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Іль-дэ-Франс, Францыя


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